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Cooper Park Community Hall
12 Cooper Park Road
Bellevue Hill NSW 2023
Sherbrooke Hall
Sherbrooke Avenue
Double Bay NSW 2028
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Tel: 0413 275 465




Tiny Tots
This is a 30 minute class that includes classical ballet, jazz and singing. Increases confidence and encourages individuality. Teaches basic gross and fine motor skills through fun dance moves. Develops rhythm, timing and songs improve language skills. Increases spacial awareness. Improves creativity and expression.


A 45 or 60 minute class that includes elements of jazz, modern, funk, hip hop and musical theatre. A combination of modern music and funky dance moves make this class a favourite. Teaches students to improve on technique and flexibility. Can also include song and dance which promotes confidence and self esteem.

A 45 or 60 minute class. Teaches rhythm and timing through syncopated moves and beats. Students can quicky see and hear their progress.

Hip Hop
This class teaches from very basic hip hop moves to locking, popping and intricate footwork and floorwork which is all taught to cool hip hop music. Hip Hop allows students to have the ultimate dance experiences that are fun, fulfilling and ultimately fuel their passion for dance.

Contemporary, lyrical or modern dance is a more expressive dance style with a strong emphasis on technique.
The ballet classes are based on RAD and are heavily focused on technique without the pressure of exams. Classes are graded. 
Acro or Acrobatics is a gymnastics class that is primarily floor/mat work. This covers all types of floor work from forwards and backwards rolls, cartwheels and hand stands right through to replica watches baranis, back flips and aerials. 



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