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Cooper Park Community Hall
12 Cooper Park Road
Bellevue Hill NSW 2023
Sherbrooke Hall
Sherbrooke Avenue
Double Bay NSW 2028
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Tel: 0413 275 465



Frequently Asked Questions

At many dance schools the focus is on exams and becoming a professional dancer. There is a huge amount of pressure placed on the students. Some students thrive and excel under this type of pressure, but for others it can be quite intimidating and can lead to the students losing interest and quitting. At Dynamite Dancers a more personal approach to teaching and learning is taken, respecting each childs individual development and needs. Students are able to express themselves, become more confident and learn to love dancing and performing. Not all children will grow up to become professional dancers but they can all experience the joy of dance.

It is always important to take a number of things into consideration when choosing a dance school.Choosing the right dance school can be confusing and costly. It is best to take a number of things into consideration such as -

What is being taught?

All classes learn style, presentation and technique. These elements progress in difficulty according to age and ability. Different styles of dance display different styles of choreography. Students are always encouraged to try new and challenging moves. They also learn performing skills and listening skills. Pattern and direction with spacial awareness. Timing, rhythm and musicality. But most of all they learn to become confident and independent by developing their uniqueness through expressing themselves individually.

Is there any structure and support in the classes?

Yes there is structure in every class however it differs in relation to style, age, ability and technique. All students become more confident and independent through positive and encouraging guidance and reinforcement.

Are the teachers qualified?

All teachers are qualified to teach in their areas of expertise. 

Will they have the same teacher every week?

99.99% of the time it will be the same teacher. Children are creatures of habit and respond better to routine and a stable environment.

Are the routines age appropriate?

Routines are always age and ability appropriate.

How many students are in the class?

Class numbers are kept as low as possible so that students can be given individual attention. Assistant teachers are sometimes called in to help out in some of the larger classes.

How much will the end of year concert cost?

Concert costs are kept to a bare minimum. The concert is put on for all the families and friends of the students to see their progress throughout the year and not for profit.

How many routines will my child be performing and will I be able to see my child on the stage?

Most students will perform in 2 routines. Students who take extra classes will perform in more routines and for some who have joined us mid-year they might only perform in one routine. Every child has a turn in the front. Some children at other dance schools are hidden up in the back corner and cannot be seen by their family. Not at Dynamite Dancers. Everyone has their moment in the spot light.

Does my child have to take exams?

There is no pressure to take exams however the FATD Jazz , FATD Tap and BBDS Hip Hop classes do have examinations. Although it is not compulsory to take the exams you can still learn, improve greatly and have fun by taking these classes. However, students who take the exams, benefit both in technique and confidence.

Are there lessons during school holidays?

The studio is closed over the school holiday breaks.

Can I pay on a casual basis?

No. All fees are to be paid in full at the beginning of the term.

Can I get discounts for siblings?

Yes. Discounts are available for siblings.

Can I get a discount for doing 2 or more classes per week?

Yes. The more classes you do the cheaper it becomes.

Can I watch the lessons?

No. Parents are not allowed in the class as it is too distracting for students.

What does my child wear to lessons?

There is no set uniform however it is best to wear dance attire. Leotards, tights, leggins and dance tops are all suitable. Dancers are to have their hair tied back in a ponytail and off their face.

What kind of shoes does my child need to have?

Dancers must have the appropriate footwear for their own protection. All jazz and tap shoes are to be tan colour. Hip hop sneakers are black. New and second hand shoes are available directly from Dynamite Dancers. Second hand shoes subject to availability.

Is it a fun and welcoming atmosphere in class?

Dynamite Dancers provides a warm and nurturing environment for all dancers.


Studio Policies


Students are to wait outside before their class has commenced.

All tiny tots are to be taken to the bathroom before the start of the lesson.

There is to be no eating of any food during any lesson. 

All parents and carers are to pick their children orologi replica up after the class. No responsibility will be taken for students after the end of the class.

Bring a bottle of water.


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